proof retail

With best-in-class technology evangelists and decades of entrepreneurial experience in B2B/C Retail, we can genuinely call ourselves: Retail Geeks.

WAIR offers an ever-growing suite of easy-to-implement intelligent automation solutions for the Retail market. By focusing relentlessly on automating micro-decision-making, we can reduce expensive person-hours and optimize margins.

We come in - We uplift - We monitor. No cure, no pay.

Our Mission

WAIR applies cutting-edge data science, artificial intelligence & deep learning
to eliminate waste
and boost profit margins.
We guarantee uplift and put our skin in the game to prove it.

We make the future of retail available today.



Take personalization
to the next level.

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Supply Chain


Increase your margins by optimizing stock
and reducing operational costs.

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Transform ideas into
solutions, in order to advance,
compete and differentiate successfully
in the marketplace.

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