WAIR stands
for optimizing



We believe we need to democratize relevant technologies into out-of-the-box-solutions.
As Retail Geeks we see too much waste in the value chain and we believe technology can reduce a lot of it. Increased efficiency and effectiveness of your primary and secondary processes is what we deliver. We enable you to use proven best-practice tooling and put you in control
of the digital future of your company and increase your profits.

We continue to develop digital solutions that aim to increase your net results.


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Take shoppers on a journey guided by visual experiences. Provide them with a digital personal stylist that learns about their taste with every interaction.
Personal style advice starts from three perspectives.

Visual Similarity

Discover the hidden gems in this season's collection to make well-informed buying decisions.

Style Similarity

Completing a look has never been easier. Let the digital personal stylist show you the best matching items.

Visual Search

Share a picture and your personal stylist will present looks that match the style of your example.

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The combination of our unrivalled domain knowledge and solution implementation experience leads to a track record that shows we
generate results quickly.


Supply Chain


Sell out before sales starts. Predict where your items will sell most.
Optimize profit margins by identifying where your stock needs to be, at what level.

Warehouse to store replenishment

Optimize stockdistribution. Re-stock proactively to prevent discounts on items that could sell for the full price.

Balancing online and offline stock

Ensure your stock levels are balanced across all channels. Include your online stock in the intelligent replenishment process.

Demand forecasting

Accurately predict production demand for best sellers in season. Produce on-demand to never waste an opportunity.