Some items sell better than others. Some articles sell better at specific locations or channels than others. The highest margins are realized when supply and demand come together at precisely the right time. Based on sales predictions, our intelligent replenishment solutions automatically optimize the omnichannel availability of items. The system has proven to outperform human workflows consistently and increase profit margins by at least 5%.

Over time, the algorithms collect data about your sales performance. The data is used to optimize algorithms for your specific processes and enable precise demand forecasting for fast-moving articles in season: less waste and more profit.

Warehouse to store



Make informed decisions on the value of shipping articles

The right articles in the right store at the right time

Increase the margin on all articles 


Web versus store



Increase sales through optimization of mix Web vs Store sales

Predict web sales versus store sales of articles


Demand forecasting

for fabrication


Know when to produce more fast-moving articles

Increase revenue and margin by producing the right articles

Distribute to stores/web with the highest sales potential

See Smart Replenishment in action:

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